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Where are your cosmetic bags designed?

Our bags are designed in Italy by the same manufacturers that make classic designer brands. It is a common misconception that Inne gets, THESE BAGS ARE NOT REPLICAS. They are our own designs; they are simply inspired by classic designer brands.

Is the facial hair removal product a laser or does it have blades?

Nope and nope! This product is completely LASER-LESS and BLADE-LESS. No blades ever touch your skin, which is what makes it painless!

How does your facial hair removal product remove hair?

Designed in France, the technology uses a fast inside mechanism to cut hair off. But the design of the outside shell protects your skin from ever coming in contact with the inner-mechanism, where the blade is stored. From a physics standpoint, after cut, all the hair is "pulled" into the chamber and stored inside where it can be later removed. Watch our product demo here if you are still confused!

Are your hair and blackhead removal products safe for all skin types?

Yes! No redness or irritation from use. This product is intended for daily use, there is no "down time" waiting for your skin to become un-irritated. Dermatalogist approved!